A partnership with Vertex will provide you with:

  • Competency-based HR tools and services matching the right people to the right jobs
  • Decreased time to hire
  • Reduced early-stage turnover
  • Compliant recruitment processes
  • Reduced costs and improved recruitment processes


      Recruiting and Sourcing:

    Globalization and instant access to information, products and services have changed the way our clients conduct business.
    Old approaches are no longer fast enough and one of them, Talent Management, has become a major hurdle to the growth of organizations across the world and across sectors.
    As part of the HR function, Recruitment (the core of Talent Management) is often the most crucial and time consuming activity.
    Vertex has the resources and expertise to drive an efficient and seamless recruiting service on behalf of its clients.

      Pipeline Recruiting:

    Vertex will participate in recruitment planning, succession planning and organization development to ensure that your company has sight to the appropriate talent when the need is identified.
    Our candidate recruiting team has a solid history of producing best in class professional candidates including minorities and women to meet and exceed our clients’ demanding requirements.

      Recruiting Approach, Vertex Utilizes:

    Lean Six Sigma and technology to improve workflow, accuracy of data and the ability to make quick accurate decisions.
    Online client dashboards to assist our clients in reducing cycle time and allowing them to review at a moment’s notice their current open positions and measure the overall performance based on 3 key criteria:

      1. Cycle Time:

        The time between receipt of the job order and the delivery of qualified candidates
      2. Qualified Candidates:

        Based upon the number of candidates presented to interview acceptance
      3. Diversity:

        Number of diverse qualified candidates delivered as an overall percentage of qualified candidates submitted